Over 90% of the houses in the residential complex Sofia Park Villas have already found their buyer

We are happy to share that at the final stage of the construction process of the residential complex Sofia Park Villas, 31 out of the 34 houses in the complex have already found their buyer, representing over 90% occupancy even before Act 15.

All 34 houses have already received Act 14 - a certificate from the municipal administration under Art. 181, para. 2 of the Territorial Development Act for completion stage "rough construction" and acceptance of the construction of the building and the number of buildings that are completely finished and ready for Act 15 has reached 12.

Hard work goes into the interior installations and the facades of the houses. Vertical planning is undergoing in district 3 and 4 and where it has been completed, preparation for landscaping is implemented.

You are welcome to follow the progress of the construction process through the photos in the "Construction" section in our Gallery.